About Spiders

Spiders are eight legged arachnids that are feared and respected throughout the world. Spiders can look pretty scary, with all of those legs and eyes. Many people are very afraid of spiders. When someone has a fear of spiders it is called arachnophobia. Spiders really are not that big of a danger to humans they actually are a big help. Getting bitten by a spider can be scary, but if you are healthy then you will probably be all right. However if you do get bit you should go see a doctor. There are antidotes on some poisonous spiders, and sometimes when there is pain involved you will be given pain killers. Spiders eat many common insects, they could make good farmhands. In one experiment in California, wolf spiders consumed enough pests to increase a rice crop. If spiders can be introduced into fields to protect crops, they may be able to help decrease the use of pesticides. Spider Silk is a protein fiber spun by spiders. Spiders use the silk to make webs. Webs are nets to catch other animals, and they are also used by the spiders to nest there cocoons or to provide protection. Spiders aren’t the only ones that have many uses for their silk; humans have also found spider silk very useful. The golden silk spider has been used by people in the Caribbean to make fishing nets, because of the strength of the silk. There are many myths about spiders that are not true. For example up until the 1800’s many people believed that spiders could cure diseases and illnesses. They took this myth so far, that they would swallow dead spiders like pills.